What is Hometown Heroes?

Hometown Heroes is "America's Veterans Story". It is a network of veterans, their families, friends, and others who contribute to telling America's Veteran Story through the real stories and experiences of our military veterans and those who know and knew them. We invite ALL of America's veterans and their families, regardless of the time or type of military service – to participate. EVERY veteran has a story to tell.

So many have served that are no longer with us today and most or all of their stories are lost. We need to do what we can right now to preserve every veterans story possible. Hometown Heroes main objectives are to:

  • honor our veterans and their families through the collection and preservation of their stories,
  • educate current and future generations on the experiences and sacrifices of our military veterans,
  • remember those who have fallen or deceased since their service, and
  • inspire us all to do more with the freedom that has been won and is preserved through the sacrifice of all who have served.

How did Hometown Heroes start?

Hometown Heroes started with the recognition that those who have sacrificed and served our country in the military are, in fact, "Heroes". Another fact that is apparent if we are paying attention is that these Heroes live, work, and serve in virtually every community – every "Hometown" – across America. These heroes are not just people we read about or the ones who pretend on TV and the movies, these are parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, grocery store workers, business people, nurses, homemakers – virtually every demographic that we interact with every day as we go about our lives.

Every Veteran has a story to tell and they need to be preserved for the benefit of generations of families and friends and for the historical and educational benefit of all Americans.

Which Veteran stories does Hometown Heroes want?

ALL of them. Every branch, every time period, every type of service. Living or deceased. Every veteran has a story to tell and every story is important to someone. Every story is important to our history. Often some of the most interesting stories are those of veterans telling of the conditions, the food, the antics, the social interactions, the feelings created from their service. Hometown Heroes wants all stories.

Does Hometown Heroes accept veteran's stories from deceased veterans?

Absolutely! We not only welcome but we encourage those who know of Heroes that are deceased to participate and include those stories. This may be the best opportunity to make sure those stories are told and preserved.

How is Hometown Heroes different from other veterans' databases?

We can't comment on every other website or organization out there. We can tell you that Hometown Heroes is not exclusive in any way. We are not bound by geography, branch, time period or any other veteran specific. We welcome living, deceased, and contributions from family and friends. Hometown Heroes collects professional video interviews, audio, pictures, text, discussion, and other form of medium to help make the story as complete, inclusive, educational, emotional, and thoughtful as possible. Hometown Heroes' archives are accessible and searchable and promote the interactive benefits of having the public involved.

How do I become a member?

Go to the "Membership" tab on the website or click here.

Can I sponsor and nominate veterans?

Yes. Simply become a member or click Contact Us and send us a nomination!

How can I contribute a Veteran Story?

Once you become a Member or nominate a veteran to be interviewed you will be instructed as to how to upload the Veteran Story material.

Can I update/change the Veteran Story I submit?

The member creating/originating the veteran's story can easily change or add to the Veterans Story.

What type of Veteran Story material do you accept?

Video interviews, audio interviews, written text, photos, diaries, original or scans or pictures of letters, commendations, awards, other artifacts and military documents and memorabilia

What formats do I need to provide for the Veteran Story media?

Hometown Heroes accepts the following:

Still images should be in JPG format. It is best if the images are kept to an aspect ratio of 640 x 480 pixels or smaller. Images larger than 640 x 480 pixels may be resized by the system.

Videos should be in MPG format. The file size for a "Salute Member" video needs to be 50 MB or less and the file size for a "Freedom Salute Member" needs to be 150 MB or less. The MPG video file will be converted to a Flash Video file by the system prior to being displayed.

Does Hometown Heroes verify the accuracy of the data submitted?

No. Each member submitting material is responsible for verification and permission related to what is being submitted. Each submitting Member will acknowledge acceptance of the Veteran Information Release requirements prior to submitting.

How can I research other Veterans Stories related to mine or the Veteran for which I am submitting?

The Hometown Heroes database offers several ways to search for other veterans including name, city, branch, years served, significant events, etc. Another way is to participate in the online Discussion Forum which allows people to talk, share stories, ask questions, and find out virtually anything they want to know related to America's Veterans.