The Hometown Heroes Experience is intended to honor America's military veterans by collecting their stories on DVD, preserving them for future generations, and featuring them in a new vivid exhibit.

Five- to-seven minute fully edited digital stories are produced from interviews and conversations with veterans and are a part of the permanent Hometown Heroes Experience archive. This archive of stories is available through the internet, at, and on the outdoor 150 sq. ft. big screen, as well as the interior touch screens of the traveling exhibit/interactive theater.

It is now possible for your company to reach 2 million veterans and their families.

The Hometown Heroes Experience has gone from producing a large archive of veterans' stories to creating a calender of events that delivers educational and emotional entertainment to its spectators. This experience delivers a great marketing value and unique positive exposure to its sponsoring partners.

We invite you to take advantage of the rising popularity of the Hometown Heroes Experience among the nearly 2 million veterans and their families across the great state of Missouri.

The Hometown Heroes Experience exhibit provides a platform and features like no other. It allows partnering businesses and organizations to:

  • Sell products and services on site to an attractive consumer demographic
  • Increase consumer awareness as part of your brand strategy
  • Differentiate your brand by affiliation with a unique and effective event
  • Be part of some of the largest attendance events this year
  • Connect to the positive, patriotic, and inspirational moments that this exhibit brings to each event.

Most importantly the characteristics and demographics are as follows:

  • There are 600,000 veterans in Missouri
  • There are an additional 1.4 million impacted by veterans related issues in Missouri
  • Veterans and their families have high brand loyalty and appreciate businesses that support them

As reported by the Jefferson City News Tribune,

"What this high-tech and interactive venue does is
bring those stories to broader communities.
It's a very unique way to cut through
the clutter, a cutting edge way to get these
stories to the public. A way to locally celebrate
the veterans in their hometown communities,
let them know how grateful we are for their service,
and possibly inspire a whole new generation."